Violeta Petrescu

Actress, Singer & Paramour of Avram Câmpineanu.


A tall, sultry red-head, Violeta has turned many men’s eyes in her direction, and especially those of the aloof Avram Câmpineanu.


The youngest daughter of Dumitru Petrescu, bank manger of Romania’s oldest bank the Casa de Depuneri, Consemnațiuni și Economie, Violeta Petrescu, demonstrated at an early age a love for music as well as a desire to perform. Upon all family gatherings Violeta would be asked to sing, and later as she grew older to play the piano, or to recite a poem. Ever eager to entertain her parents, family, or friends, she had, as her sisters were ever wont to say, a flair for the melodramatic. And so, when the Conservatorul de Muzică și Declamațiune devenind Conservatorul de Muzică și Artă Dramatică introduced a new section for drama, Dumitru Petrescu assented to his daughters request and took from his savings so Violeta could enroll, much to the consternation of her mother. Her concern being s deep belief that all women in the theater were considered by many to be of loose morality.

Sex and Sin she had told her husband, mark my words well, Dumitru, and then felt vindicated, all too sadly, when it became obvious that Violeta was, when not performing on the stage of the National Theater, singing in some decadent, smoke-filled basement cabaret. Not only was she becoming a part of the Romanian radical literary and theatrical avant-garde, fascinated as she was with that Tristan Tzara, but, she had lost all respectability with that policeman, Avram Câmpineanu, as well. And now, she was becoming involved with what they called an “arrangement of a play for the cinema!"

The cinema?

Too Late!

Lost to sex and sin!

Violeta Petrescu

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