Mlle. Bobinette Doulenques

Concierge Athene Palace


Mlle. Bobinette Doulenques was once concierge to one of the finest hotels in Paris until the investigation of the mysterious disappearance and death of François Nanteuil, of the Barbey-Nanteuil Banque Internationale, famous for representing the financial interests of some of the most influential members of Parisian haute société.

In the ensuing investigation, the Parisian Criminal Investigation Department suspected Mlle. Doulenque of either being the murderer of M. François Nanteuil, as it was discovered she had long been indiscreet with the financier, or worse, of being in league with the ruthless criminal genius, Fantômas.

Although subsequently eliminated by the Criminal Investigation Department as a Person of Interest, the hotel management deemed her indiscretions such that ladies of their most valued aristocratic clientele would look upon the establish with disfavor. Thus, well aware of the Athene Palace’s desire to mimic the fine hotels of Pairs, Bobinette Doulenques applied for and was favorably employed as the Concierge.

Of course, all of Mlle. Bobinette Doulenques references are forgeries.

Mlle. Bobinette Doulenques

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