Inspector Edward Stone

Detective Inspector of Scotland Yard


Born in 1876, to Ruth and Samuel Stone, Edward had not intended to become of a member of Scotland Yard. Tragedy intervened. His father, a policeman of considerable renown within the force for his dedication to duty, had been shot while attempting to arrest a ruthless rapist. The incident had so effected Edward that as he stood beside his father’s coffin, observing the sheer number of policemen shuffling past in order to offer their respects to his mother, he decided to give up his desk in civil service to become a policeman, in a living tribute to his father.

Edward in his forties presents a rather formidable presence that belies his love of literature. Well read, astute and tenacious, he has worked his way up to the rank of detective inspector and was considered by many to be destined for an even higher position within the Metropolitan Police. Although well groomed, he is not a fashionable dresser. A crumbled suit, a tie in the afternoon askew, an old collar, and as always, the beloved bowler hat.


Inspector Edward Stone

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