Frank Nolan

American Geologist


On the streets of Bucharest Frank Nolan was instantly recognizable as an American. His look and walk were direct and unsophisticated. He was dirty blond, youthful, “clean cut,” with the Leyendecker brothers having certainly influenced the cut of his nose and jaw. Beneath the imitation English clothes that the Rumanian tailors all affect, his body was that of a college sprinter not yet gone soft. He had that devil may care American attitude in which he thought nothing of reaching into his trouser pocket and pulling out a roll of banknotes.


Frank Nolan had been working for the Romano-Americana Oil Company – a subsidiary alias for Standard Oil — for two years. He had been a field geologist in the Rumanian petroleum-fields near Ploieşti. But, as the war of weapons beyond Romania became a war of oil, which had become no longer Romanian, but belonged to foreign interests and investments (95% of the industry being in the hands of either the British-Dutch, the Americans, or the French), there was an ever growing need for talented civilian engineers and geologists. And so, Frank, had been approached one night at a local Kafana by a representative of Royal Dutch Shell. Various inducements were discussed and so after a few minutes of careful thought he decided to leave Romano-Americana.

Having returned to Bucharest, in preparation to begin work with Royal Dutch Shell, Frank has since been approached by representatives of some independent investors, who are looking for a geologist to head up an exploration drilling operation.

The money’s right and he has a girl, one who likes dresses and hats, cigarettes and postage stamps.

Frank Nolan

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