Nigel Montague

British Naval Intelligence


A young, gregarious young man, Nigel Montague is known to be a bit of a womanizer.


An agent of the British Naval Intelligence Division, Nigel Montague had been assigned to the Romanian Station. His official capacity as part of the British Delegation was as a trade representative, although members of the consulate were well aware of his clandestine nature. His dispatches had been received in London as per scheduled protocol. Officially, Montague, code named Chapel, has been reported missing since early Feburary, 1916.

Unknown to Embassy staff Montague, having gathered information from a possible informant, regarding black market activities in Bucharest, chanced upon an old handwritten travelogue. Further investigation of said travelogue led Montague to cross the border into Hungary. His last report indicated he had met with a Professor Klaus Johann Vordenburg at the University of Bucharest. Montague was traveling under the legend of Monsignor Jon Manoilescu – a Vatican representative to Romania and Hungary attempting to further Benedict XV’s war relief efforts involving refugees.

Montague’s last dispatch indicated he was traveling to Transylvania to confirm information supplied by Professor Vordenburg and would communicate once he was able to ascertain secure channels. Upon returning to Bucharest, he began a secure transmission to Athens Station – but the transmission was incomplete.

Nigel Montague

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