Lady Penelope Wise

Lord Cyril's only Daughter and Lady of Gavilshire


At 25 years old, Penelope is an up and coming member of London high society. Her slightly darker complexion inherited from her mother gives her a bit of an exotic look, as does her well kept black hair. She stood by her husbands refusal to enlist, even at the cost to her own social standing, but was no pacifist herself. She organizes knitting clubs to make socks and sending care packages to soldiers on the front. She also manages the family estate for her father,Lord Cyril, while he spent his time in the Balkans. All this leaves her with little time for her young daughter Kathryn, who spends most of her time with a hired nurse.


Lady Penelope Wise née Blathing was born on 29 June 1891 to Lord Cyril and Lady Ianthe Blathing. She spent her childhood at the family estate in Gavilshire until her mother’s illness necessitated a move to the Adriatic in 1906.

At age 15, she was sent to finishing school in Switzerland for two years, and in 1908 stayed with her family in Ragusa to tend to her ailing mother. With her mother’s death in 1909, Penelope stayed with her father for a year before returning to England to manage her family affairs.

In 1910, Penelope began to court the young Robert Wise, a law student and son of a Judge. In 1913 they married and Penelope gave birth to a daughter, Kathryn. The next year, the war was declared.

Robert, who had just been appointed as a solicitor, refused to enlist. Despite growing social pressure, Penelope stood by her husband and organized donation efforts to support the war effort in her own way.

When the Military Service Act of 1916 was passed, Robert was initially barred due to his marriage, but in May the act was extended to even married men. Penelope wove him goodbye at Paddington station on 25 May 1916.

Lady Penelope Wise

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