Robert Wise

A Promising Young Solicitor and Recent Conscript


The bespectacled Robert Wise is well kept and brown haired. He is clean shaven. Robert is often prone to smiling at home, as his work as a Solicitor leaves him little to smile about on the job. While not cowardly, he is a bit of a pacifist, though not to the point of joining the Conscientious Objectors Society. Robert is doting to his wife and young daughter, and when his conscription number comes up, he only wishes for the war to over sooner to return to them.


Robert Wise is the second son of the Honorable Johnathan Wise, a well renowned judge, and his wife Elizabeth. He was born on 31 October 1889, and has an older brother Harold and a younger sister Martha.

Often overlooked as the middle child, Robert was an erudite and quite boy, who took to reading at a very young age. His older brother overshadowed him, but he vowed to follow in his fathers footsteps, making education his priority.

in 1907, Robert was accepted into Oxford University’s Law school, and graduated in 1911. After passing his Bar examinations the next year.

In 1910, on summer break, he met Penelope, and they began courting. In 1913, they married he moved to her townhouse in London, where he began to practice law. They had a child, Kathryn, and the three of them would often be seen walking about Hyde park on Saturday afternoons.

When the war broke out, Robert objected to enlisting, despite his age. He received many white feathers and admonishments from his family, including his brother Harold who enlisted at once. Harold was killed in 1915, and this only pushed Robert more against the war.

In 1916 when the Military Service Act was passed, and the ban on conscripting married men was lifted, he was saddened by the necessity, but did not shirk. On 25 May 1916, he left London for training camp. He will see her before he is sent to the front, but Robert is apprehensive if he will live to see her after.

Robert Wise

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