Lt. Peter Kadijević

A Serbian Officer


Lt Peter Kadijević’s grizzled face has gone several days without a decent shave. He is grim and determined to win, though his martial nature has as much to do with trying to prove himself as it does nationalism. He’s been fighting Turks, Bulgarians, and Austro-Hungarians for so long that he’s almost forgotten why he started fighting in the first place. More than anything, Peter is a father to his men, and does all he can to lead them to victory while taking as few casualties as possible, a seemingly impossible task in this Great War. Peter speaks Serbian and Macedonian, and is highly adept at wilderness survival from his days as a Chetnik in the Macedonian highlands.


Peter was born the sixth and last child of Slobodan and Ana Kadijević in the village of Žagubica on 16 December, 1879. Ana was from the village’s sizable ethnic Vlach population, and Slobodan was ethnically Serbian. Slobodan owned the tavern, and Peter helped run the tavern with his three brothers and two sisters.

In 1896, Peter ran away to join a group of Chetniks, brigand-rebels, in Ottoman controlled Serbian lands. He fought alongside the likes of Gligor Sokolović in a Guerrilla war to liberate the Balkans. In 1898 he met Marko and Ivanka Pasic in Mitrovica, saving Marko’s life and falling for the beautiful young Ivanka. Both joined his band and fought against the Ottomans.

In August 1903 they participated in the failed Ilinden Uprising, and Peter led Marko and Ivanka to safety in Serbia, in the aftermath of the crackdown. He joined the Serbian Army when they arrived. In 1906, Peter married Ivanka, and they had three daughters, Aleksandra, Tatijana, and Ana. By 1908 he had been promoted to Sergeant.

In 1912, Peter distinguished himself in the First Balkan War, keeping his squad safe and well while taking areas of Macedonia he had fought in 16 years previously. In the Second Balkan War, Peter was promoted to Lieutenant after helping to successfully stop the Bulgarians at the Battle of Pirot.

This was the rank he held in August of 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. For the first year of the war, Peter was stationed on the Danube, defending Belgrade. After the German/Austro-Hungarian offensive of October 1915, Peter retreated with the rest of the Serbian Army, first to Niš. and then to the Greek Island of Corfu through Albania.

On Corfu, Peter met with Lord Cyril Blathing, and shared a story from his village about a Vampir. When asked about getting to Romania, he offered to guide Lord Cyril with the help of a handful of his men, if the British high command can get him permission to do so. He hopes to use the mission behind enemy lines to organize Chetnik resistance to enemy occupation.

Lt. Peter Kadijević

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