Sgt. Marko Pasic

A Serbian Sergeant


Marko is Lt Peter Kadijević‘s best friend in the world, in fact, he is Peter’s brother-in-law. Marko was always the more jovial of the pair, lightening the mood when things seemed most grim. Like Peter, Marko is well versed in guerrilla warfare, but was more the face of their Chetnik operation, acting the hero in their youth. Now he is older and wiser, but no less heroic. Marko knows Serbian and the Kosovar dialect of Albanian


Marko was born on 9 February 1879 in Mitrovica, then part of the Ottoman Empire. His family was ethnically Serbian, but as a boy he mingled with the Albanian Kosovar children. His family was large and quite poor, but his father, a local carpenter, always managed to make some small wooden toys for his children.

In 1898 Marko was accosted by the son of a visiting Turkish Bey, who had his entourage beat and kick the man for sport. Marko was saved by the Chetnik Band of Peter Kadijević, whom he joined. The Chetniks used Marko’s home as a safehouse, and Peter fell for Marko’s sister Ivanka. Ivanka, for her part, joined up with the Chetniks and fought as fierce as any man. Peter, Ivanka, and Marko were the only survivors of their band after the Ilinden Uprising in 1903, and they fled into the Kingdom of Serbia.

Marko joined the Serbian Army in 1903 and in 1906 Ivanka married Peter with Marko’s blessing. The Pasic’s were welcomed into Peter’s family. In 1912, Marko was made Sergeant and fought in both Balkan Wars alongside and under Peter. Their comradery continued into the Great War, and now Marko waits in Corfu, trying to avoid Cholera with the rest of the Army

Sgt. Marko Pasic

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