Pvt. Konstantin Zukic

A Serbian Soldier


Konstantin Zukic would rather be anywhere than where he is now. A year and a half of war has done much to exacerbate his morose personality. Despite this seemingly poor morale, he is a damn fine soldier, possibly due to his fatalistic outlook. Konstantin’s only friend is Ivan Cavoski (though he does not know “Ivan’s” secret.)


Konstantin Zukic was born on 18 June 1888 in Belgrade, son of a clerk for a textile factory. His mother died of cholera when he was three, and his father fell into a deep depression. That depression made him turn to drink, which caused him to beat young Konstantin.

Konstantin had trouble making friends and often exhibited anti-social behavior. In 1904 he was arrested at age 14 for stealing Rakija, having taken up drinking from his father. In 1909 at age 21 he was given military training for 9 months. While he generally hated the experience of drilling and training, he did make some friends in the Army.

After finishing his training, Konstantin found work in odd jobs around Belgrade, often in repair work. In 1912, the First Balkan war led to mobilization, which Konstantin failed to turn out for. For the Second Balkan War, his number did not come up, but when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in August 1914, Konstantin was unable to avoid conscription.

Konstantin was placed in Lt. Peter Kadijević‘s platoon under Sgt. Marko Pasic. After months of being shelled in Belgrade, Konstantin managed to prove his worth with acts of bravery such as retrieving wounded men from no-man’s land. Although he got commended for it, he downplays this, largely because he hopes that an Austrian bullet will finally end it all. The German and Austro-Hungarian armies managed to take the city, and Konstantin evacuated with the others to Corfu.

Pvt. Konstantin Zukic

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