Afina Popescu

A Maid at the Athene Palace


Afina can often be found sporting a smug smile. Although she is only a maid, she often wears expensive jewels and dresses while hobnobbing with those above her station.


Afina was born in Bucharest on 1 April 1897 to Martin and Stefania Popescu. Her father has been a bartender at the Athene Palace for 10 years, and was able to provide a decent life for the young Afina. Despite her humble upbringings, Afina always ambitious. She saw the fine ladies with their latest fashions and wanted to be like them some day. Her father doted on her, but her mother was always more grounded.

As she grew up, she became more and more cynical, seeing the economic troubles of her family and hearing about the political troubles of the country in the 1907 peasants revolt. For a child, this was disconcerting, but she hid it well enough. She first used her duplicitous nature to blackmail a classmate who she espied cheating on a test.

At age 14 her father got her a job at The Athene Palace as a maid, and she quickly discovered that what other staff ignored, she could find a fortune in. She honed her skills of avoiding detection and would blackmail politicians, lawyers, and spies alike. Afina gained a bit of a reputation, and some people began to hire her to spy for them. Afina knows many things, and may be willing to talk, for the right price of course.

Afina Popescu

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