Hawkins Letter- Dated 29th August, 1893


Transcribed as follows -
(to be translated into Romanian & Latin)

29th August, 1893

I beseech you not to disregard this message however it reaches you. It is in your best interests as well as ours that you consider it closely.

Through diligent investigation and scientific inquiry we have learned of your nature and preternatural gifts, and of your particular needs. We know, too, that you must be cautious and careful least lesser men rise up in their fear and jealousy and attack you where you sleep. We have no intention of making war upon you; moral repugnance on our part must yield to necessity and we are not shackled by superstition or dread.

We wish to bargain with you. We have need of your strength and courage in our conflicts with the Ottoman Empire and her allies — and we know that you have no love for the Turks, either. In exchange, we offer a most secure and reliable source of sustenance for you and yours, and the secret gratitude and friendship of the British Empire.

We are willing to make whatever reasonable entreaties are necessary to convince you of our honest intentions, and – should you desire to accept our offer and come to England – shall make arrangements fitting to a man of your station and breeding.

We await your reply,

Yours faithfully

Hawkins Letter- Dated 29th August, 1893

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