Newspaper Article for 9 March Morning

*The Times *
9 March, 1916

Great excitement was caused upon the Victoria Embankment on it being made known that a portion of the mutilated remains of a body had been picked up near the Temple Pier. The Thames Police were immediately informed. Upon their rowing out to the pier, a portion of a human leg was handed over into their possession. It appears that at ten o’clock on Wednesday morning the attention of Gregory J. Morris, a pierman at the Temple, was drawn to a large parcel that was floating near the lower side of the pier. Upon opening it Morris discovered the leg, severed from the thigh, of a human person wrapped in a piece of canvas and secured with a piece of heavy twine. As The Thames Police canvased further along the Embankment yet another parcel was discovered within which was discovered a human pelvis.


A careful examination of the two parcels of human remains, officially reported as those of a woman, has satisfied the Medical Examiner to such a degree he reports to this correspondent that in his opinion there is no doubt they formed part of the same mutilated body. Sources within the City Police expressed concerns that there were many similarities between this recent mutilation murder and a series of unsolved murders that took place in London beginning in 1887 and ending in 1889. The series involved four incidents in which all the victims were women.

The search continues for further remains.

Newspaper Article for 9 March Morning

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