Anton Rasty

General Manager of the Athene Palace


Anton Rasty had long been the innkeeper of the Ivanciu Gherasi Inn. Long before the Inn was razed and the ground sold to make way for the Grand Athene Palace. It was a sad day for Anton Rasty that last day he looked at the old, scared front desk. But the old must make way for the new and the Grand Hotel, The Athene Palace was to be built based upon the designs the French architect, Teophile Bradeau. It was to be comprised of 149 rooms and 10 suites all decorated in Louis 14th style, inspired by the recurring styles in France and England.

So each morning of the demolition and then the slow assembly of the luxurious hotel, Aton Rasty would rise and dress and make his way to the construction site – arriving as he had for years in so doing his duty at the Ivanciu Gherasi Inn. But the Inn was no more. It was now the skeletal structure of a French corporation led by Baron Marseille. And as Rasty arrived each day to observe the progress of the edifice he was well aware of the arrival as well of Baron Marseille – who inspected his corporate construction.

One morning Rasty watched as the Baron tossed aside his usual morning cup of coffee, which by his expression was not at all to his liking. Rasty, impulsive as he was inquisitive, spoke to one of the stone masons to inquire as to why the Baron had not only tossed the coffee away but as well a most expensive cup along with it. He was informed that the coffee had over time grown weaker and weaker – and the Baron’s temperament was such that he required consistency.

The next morning, Anton Rasty approached the Baron with a fresh cup of coffee. The Baron well aware of his growing dislike for the coffee he was being serve took the cup and tasted it. He smiled. It was delicious. What was the brew, he asked. Rasty smiled, it was a secret. Ah, said the Baron – and so he gave Rasty a pat on the back and offered him a job of attending to his caffeine needs each morning. Rasty agreed – why else had he made the coffee. There upon each morning, Rasty arrived to brew for the Baron his fresh, thick and syrupy Turkish coffee – which the Baron found to be each day of remarkable consistency.

As reward, upon competition the Athene Palace, Baron Marseille hired Rasty to be the Hotel’s General Manager.

Anton Rasty

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