Francis Aytown

Gifted Society Photographer and Portraitist


Francis Aytown is a society painter with fine-art ambitions. Technologically advanced artistically, he regularly takes photographs of his models for later use in his compositions. Aytown is a fixture in the artistic bohemian scene in Soho and Chelsea. He shares his Chelsea studio with his lover and fellow artist Ellen Miniver.

Aytown’s search for a patron led him to Lady Hélène Beltham. His need for financial security allowed her to corrupt his better judgement, although he steadfastly maintains all of his pornographie compositions have artistique merit.

His reputation as a gifted society photographer and portraitist gives him entrée into some of London’s highest-powered circles, which is very useful for an enterprise seeking to recruit and or blackmail members of the social elite into committing acts of treason or to be of invaluable assistance to the conspiracy.

Francis Aytown

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