Kosta Vojinović

Serbian Chetnik Leader


1891-1917 Historic character of importance. Please do not kill.


Kosta Vojinović worked with the Chetnik organization in Vranje as an informant, able to use his business as an excuse to travel from town to town and organize Chetnik resistance to the Ottomans. He was called up for military training in 1911, and in 1912 fought alongside then Sergeant Peter Kadijević. The two talked about their Chetnik days, and grew close. With peace, Kosta returned to business, but volunteered upon Austrian declaration of War in July 1914. He was elevated to the rank of reserve sublieutenant for his actions at the battle of Kolubara. Kosta was wounded in 1915, though he refused to retreat. He was taken in by an Albanian family and kept safe until he was healed.

In the summer of 1916, when he will organize a Chetnik band in Leposavić. In September, he will be joined by Kosta Pećanac, who will be brought behind enemy lines by airplane to organize resistance. Together the two of them will lead the unsuccessful Toplica Uprising from 21 February to 25 March 1917. Kosta Vojinović will survive the suppression, hiding in the forests, but will be captured and executed in December of 1917.

Kosta Vojinović

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