Lieutenant Bradley McFarlane

Naval Intelligence Officer


Lieutenant Bradley McFarlane signed up to be a member of the most powerful navy in the world, But, owing to his mother’s connections as well as the fact that he had been an articled clerk for a year in the prestigious Law Firm of Sidley Curwen Brown & Bond, he was instead transferred to Admiralty House. Where he was first assigned as a accounting clerk, before quickly became an aide to one of the Lord Commissioners (his mother’s connections yet again), to only find himself quickly transferred to the Naval Intelligence Division.

There he prospered and rapidly became one of NID’s first rank analysts. Until one a cold January morning, shortly after the new year, when he happened upon a misfiled document. A document which was not only misfiled, but in his opinion, seemingly misclassified, as it was marked Eyes Only when it was really nothing more than an interdepartmental memorandum concerning the death of solicitor and the authorization for the disbursement of funds to create some form of legal inheritance.

But the document pique his interest as to why was it so classified? And why would NID have set aside funds in some hastily contrived legacy.

And so, upon further investigation he discovered that Naval Intelligence had also put in a requisition for reimbursement of funds for the leasing and setting up yet another solicitor’s office in London. A solicitor bearing the same name as the previously deceased solicitor in Exeter. One Peter Hawkins.

Only the London solicitor was a Peter Hawkins Esq.

Even more bizarre was the fact that the Director of Naval Intelligence, Sir Hall’s father, Captain Hall, who had at the time been a Director of the Old Secret Service Bureau, as well as NID, died on the same day as this Peter Hawkins in Exeter.

And then, Captain Hall and this Peter Hawkins in Exeter, as well as this London Peter Hawkins Esq, all happened to have been born on the same day.

Lieutenant Bradley McFarlane

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