Neville Pym

Confidante and benefactor of Veronica Wells




Neville Pym is a outside broker and the proprietor of a financial newspaper, who upon meeting Veronica Wells on their morning commute to Waterloo Station, had become a close confidante and eventual financial benefactor.

Update, Session One, Part Two, From Okhrana With Love:
It was revealed that Neville Pym was not only an working with Lady Helene Beltham’s criminal network but that he was also a Russian spy with the Okhrana. It was via use of his operative Francis Aytown he compromised Veronica Wells in order to blackmail her into recruitment for Lady Hélène Beltham’s purposes.

“You took money from Neville and he’s a spy.” She said matter-of-factly, smoke escaping from her lovely lips, “Although he works for me, he is also with the Okhrana.”

Neville Pym

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