Pamela Dean

Naval Intelliegence, filing clerk - Deceased


On 5 August 1914 Pamela Dean volunteered for Civil Service and has been serving as a clerk in the British Naval Intelligence Division. She has diligently worked her way up through the service to receive top secret clearance in order to handle filing of sensitive information. Her diligence and hard work brought her promotion to Head Clerk of the Classified Files Section.

On 9 March 1916, Pamela Dean was reported to have been brutally murdered.

The Times of 9 March 1916 reported the remains of a young woman’s dismembered body was discovered in the Thames River and along the Victoria Embankment, in particular under the Waterloo Bridge.

A right leg, severed from the thigh, wrapped in a piece of canvas and secured with heavy twine was found snagged against the pilings of a dock; and further along the Embankment, another parcel was discovered, a human pelvis, wrapped in brown paper. The discovery a purse nearby aided in the identification of the young woman as being Pamela Dean.

Pamela Dean

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