Wilhelmina Harker

Wife of Jonathan Harker


Excerpted from summary page of Harker, Wilhelmina, The [redacted] Commission Report, Vol 2, Wilhelmina Harker



Wilhelmina [Mina] Harker nee Murray, born 1872, to Edward and Alice Murray. Father physician. Mother schoolmistress. Parents deceased. No siblings. Maternal Aunt Matilda Farris, aged 58, librarian, Central Library, York. Education: Pockington; Borough Road College. Husband: Jonathan Harker.

Having graduated with double-honours, Wilhelmina Harker was selected from a formidable list of candidates to receive an offer of an assistant teaching position at The Maynard School in Exeter, she instead chose to attend the Borough Road College in London, in order to receive her teaching certificate. Aware that the set-a-side for her by her father was not suitably sufficient in regards to her future income needs, as well as in maintaining suitable lodgings and comfort to which she was accustomed, were she not to marry, Wilhelmina was determined to procure her certificate so as to secure a vocation as schoolmistress. Having forgone the avenue of seeking a position as a governess, ‘I felt a head mistress position gave me far more options toward long term financial independence.’

Her time consumed with her studies at Borough Road College and later settling in as assistant schoolmistress at Exeter School for Girls, Mina found time to maintain close friendships with two of her schoolfellows from her early days at boarding school, ‘Lucy’ Westenra (see, Westenra, Charlotte Lucille, Annexe), the heiress to the Hillingham fortune, and ‘Kate’ Reed (see Reed, Katherine Christabel, Annexe) whose father was [redacted], heir to the title of Earl of [redacted], (It is of note, the financial arrangements for Miss Murray, necessitated by the prestigious boarding school’s tuition, are sealed and secured upon request by [redacted]).

Although Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra was several years younger than Wilhelmina and Katherine (by two years) Wilhelmina’s relationship with Westenra was ‘very close’ (see addendum, Dr J. M. Caffyn, statement re: Whitby, 11 August, 1894 Initial Contact, [redacted] Commission Report, Vol II, Wilhelmina Harker) – ‘we were like sisters’ as was related by Wilhelmina Murray, (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vo. II, Wilhelmina Harker), ‘one that Lucy ever so — longed for.” The [redacted] Papers (see (redacted), Letter, Wilhelmina Murray to [redacted), Vol. 1) alludes to their relationship to having been [redacted] as so confirmed in the [redacted] Commission Report, (Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker & Confidential Annexe)], sworn affidavit given by Hazel Ruthven, former maid, Vaezey’s Guesthouse, 6 Royal Crescent, Whitby, as regards to Westenra vacations, of Charlotte [Lucy] (daughter) and Laveina (mother) Westenra, and guest Wilhelmina Murray. (Note: persistent rumours of jealous motivations for actions taken by Katherine Reed, during and after the events of the [redacted], during [redacted] at [redacted], have not been confirmed. Subsequent interview in this regard ([redacted] Dossier, Page 128-158), with Katherine Reed, prior to release from St. Ignatius Asylum, elicited the following response: Go fuck yourself.)

Extremely intelligent, Wilhelmina Murray had a talent for research, and so, in order to supplement her income, she took on occasional freelance research and typing assignments. One such assignment introduced her to Jonathan Harker (see, Harker, Jonathan James, Annexe) who at the time was serving as a legal clerk for Peter Hawkins (see, [redacted], Annexe). Harker having been at the time actively recruited and under Hawkins’s handling, saw value in his new acquaintance. Extract from [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker: “It is strongly recommended to ‘drag the coat’ before Miss Murray, for her skills at research and analysis will be quite a substantial acquisition and asset, if we were to receive authorization — even more so, I think, than young Harker.” Wilhelmina Murray and Jonathan Harker became fast friends, and purportedly fell in love.

As to events of significance that took place in Whitby, during Wilhelmina Murray and Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra’s sea-side vacation in 1894, the [Redacted] Commission Report, Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker, indicates that Wilhelmina witnessed not only the shipwreck of the Demeter and the arrival of the Transylvanian Personage to English shores, but his subsequent first attack upon Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra. It would appear by all accounts given that Wilhelmina Murray did not divulge any information to Dr J. M. Caffyn, as to the possible cause of the recidivism of her friend’s somnambulism, the sudden onset of ill health, her sleep distress, or of strange occurrences that were taking place within in the small port of Whitby, and maintained operational integrity, as instructed by the operational officer for Operation EDOM, [redacted] (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. III, Earl of [redacted], and was initially unaware, owing to informational compartmentalisation, by [redacted], that the Transylvanian ‘personage’ had gone rogue. Her concern for her fiancée, Jonathan Harker, from whom she, and Hawkins had failed to received correspondence, i.e., coded operational reports, nor designated codeword confirmation, in regards to initial objective of Operation Edom, was upmost in her thoughts. As well as the fact, the Transylvania Personage’s passage had not been confirmed by Jonathan Harker, and would have been expected to arrive by way of [redacted] at the port of [redacted].

Upon receipt of word from Peter Hawkins, who forwarded in regards to the reported health of Jonathan Harker, received from a nurse at St. Joseph and Ste. Mary Hospital, (The [redacted] Papers (see (redacted), Letter, Peter Hawkins to Wilhelmina Murray, Vol. 1), alludes to their relationship to having been [redacted], as so confirmed in the [redacted] Commission Report, (Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker & Confidential Annexe)], Wilhelmina Murray immediately left Whitby and left Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra in the care of Dr J. M. Caffyn and EDOM operational officer [redacted] in order to travel via Orient Express to Buda-Pesth, where she discovered her fiancée to be suffering from a diagnosis of brain fever.

It is to be noted, [redacted] Commission Report, Confidential Annexe, makes note and confirms that a chaplain of an English mission, rather than a chaplain from the British legation’s chaplaincy, which would have been the normal course, performed the marriage hastily arranged while Harker was in hospital.

Returning to England, the Harker’s stayed with Peter Hawkins, and reported severe misgivings in regards to mission objectives, owing to events which had transpired in Transylvania. Hawkins having passed these growing concerns of the Operation (See [redacted], [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. I, [redacted],[redacted]), and further sought termination of the operation, and authorization for sanction, upon his analysis of events and upon having received word from Wilhelmina Murray (now Harker) about the death of Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra from attending physician, Professor Abraham Van Helsing (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. IV, Abraham Van Helsing; The [redacted] Papers, Vol. I & 2 & addendum], and not operational officer [redacted]. Hawkins upon receipt of authorization for sanction, closed down Perter Hawkins, and funnelled operational funds (see audit report, the [redacted] Papers, Myers, Geoffroy) by way of faux inheritance.

Wilhelmina Harker eventually met professor Van Helsing (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. IV, Abraham Van Helsing; The [redacted] Papers, Vol. I & 2 & addendum], who travelled to Exeter in order to obtain further information regarding Miss Westenra’s stay at Whitby, based upon information he had obtained from Charlotte [Lucy] Westenra’s private papers. [Note: Full exoneration was given by the [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. X, Findings, in that Wilhelmina Harker was at the time unaware that Van Helsing was [redacted] for [redacted], reporting to [redacted].

The Harkers joined the assemblage of ‘Crew of Light’ based at St. Ignatius, Dr. Seward’s (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. III & IV, Seward, John; The [redacted] Papers, Vol. I & 2 & addendum], where Wilhelmina Harker began the compilation of documents, journals, letters, time tables, and newspaper clippings which were to become known as The [redacted] Papers. Upon becoming aware of the actions being taken by Van Helsing and [redacted], as well as their associates, the Transylvania Personage, as countermeasure, having made ingress into St. Ignatius, where upon he assaulted Wilhelmina Harker upon three occasions, (see [redacted] Commission Report, (Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker & Confidential Annexe). Upon the third, she received ‘baptized of blood’ and thus contaminated, (see [redacted] Commission Report, (Vol. II, Wilhelmina Harker & Confidential Annexe).

Owing to her experiences at a mysterious [redacted] given by [redacted] at [redacted], events of which she reportedly had been barely able to relate, with any accuracy, laced with inconstancies (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. VIII, Katherine Reed)], Katharine Reed, a newly acquired member of the ‘Crew of Light,’(Note; Katherine Reed had previously been recruited into the intelligence community, owing to recommendation of [redacted], [Note: her father being [redacted], a founding member of [redacted], as well as [redacted]] had had been activated by Peter Hawkins to monitor press reportage in regards to any unreported/unauthorized activities of the Transylvanian Personage, prior to Operational shut-down, was once more reunited with Wilhelmina Harker. In subsequent interviews neither Wilhelmina Harker or Katherine Reed are forthcoming about their reunion.

It important to note, within twenty-four hours of the attachment of Katherine Reed to the designation, ‘Crew of Light.’ Wilhelmina Harker reported suspicions of poison having been introduced in a glass of water given to her by Katherine Reed and in reporting said suspicions, the glass was analysed by Dr John Seward and was found to contain arsenic. Van Helsing and members of the ‘Crew of Light’ confronted Reed, (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. VIII, Katherine Reed). Suspected as an agent of the Transylvanian Personage, Wilhelmina Murray was instrumental in the involuntarily commitment of Katherine Reed to St. Ignatius Asylum. Reed swore to innocence and maintained Wilhelmina Harker herself had put poison in the glass (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. VIII, Katherine Reed). Subsequent journal entries of Dr John Seward, (see [redacted] Commission Report, Vol. V, John Seward; see also, The [redacted] Papers, Vol II; as well, Addendum, Volume B] revealed he strongly suspected her attempt at poisoning was brought on by jealousy regarding Wilhelmina Harker’s marriage to Jonathan Harker – diagnosing Katharine Reed with ‘repressed, latent [redacted]’. No evidence supports such corresponding tendencies in regards to Wilhelmina Harker.

Based upon all reports given within The [redacted] Papers, Vol. I & 2 & addendum, although possibly compromised by her contamination with the contagion, she was reported to have been invaluable in the tracing of the Transylvanian Personage during the across continent chase given by the ‘Crew of Light.’ Her failure to account for the subsequent failure and aftermath of the sanction was considered consistent with the findings of the operational after-action analysis, and was upheld by the [redacted] Commission, [The [Redacted] Commission Report, Findings, Vol X, Wilhelmina Harker], and its addendums. Based upon medical examination, with recommendation for continued observation and monitoring by [redacted] at [redacted] research facility, [redacted], Wilhelmina Harker was avowed and recommended for reinstatement to service 27 January, 1895.

See exoneration The [Redacted] Commission Report, Findings, Vol X.

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Wilhelmina Harker remains an active and invaluable member of EDOM.

In 1909 she was promoted to [redacted] and has served with distinction as head of the [Redacted].

Wilhelmina Harker

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