Box Brothers


Box Brothers was founded in 1869 by Lawrence and Harrington Box. A family-own financial institution, Box Brothers quickly became one of the premiere private banking institutes in London. Always under scrutiny of the Bank of England for its questionable blend of commercial and investment banking practices, Box Brothers, eventually freed itself of governmental enquiry by establishing alternative funding opportunities for various British Foreign Intelligence operations.

Box Brothers has occasionally come under journalistic inquiry as well, owing to rumors of connections to various individuals known to have underworld criminal associations.

Of course, these journalistic endeavors were always short-lived as editors invariably received word from their publishers that their publication’s readers had very little interest in the complicated world of finance and the Byzantine interworkings of internationalist investment, being as they are far more interested in “the cutting up whores.”

In truth, Box Brothers had been established upon one guiding principle: providing financial services to its depositors with the guarantee of no questions asked. For Box Brothers was a criminal’s bank. Large, small, organized or disorganized, it made little difference to Lawrence and Harrington as they build a financial empire. With offices in Moorgate, Gibraltar, and Bermuda, Box Brothers held to a straightforward philosophy of maintaining scrupulous honesty amidst a host of depositors and investors who were the most unscrupulous of the dishonest

The success of being the bankers to the underworld was based upon a mutual agreement that clients would put away any larcenous intent in dealing with the bank, while in turn Box Brothers would make no moral judgments in regards to business brought to them.


The Box Brothers: Lawrence and Harrington with their younger brother Colin.

Box Brothers

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