Casa Capșa


In 1852, Anton and Vasile Capșa founded the first confectionery shop on Calea Victoriei, the proceeds from which they used to financed their young brother, Grigore Capșa, through four years of courses at the renowned Boissier in Paris. Rather than accepting an opportunity to become the supplier of the French Imperial Court, Grigore Capșa returned to Romania where in 1868 he founded Casa Capsa. The French-inspired confectionery of Casa Capșa soon established a continent-wide reputation and the enterprise was expanded in 1886 to include the Capșa Hotel, initially a guest house for members of parliament from out of town. The French manager had formerly managed the Hôtel Café Anglais in Paris.

The coffee house, established 1891, was an important literary and artistic gathering place, but never turned a profit, "because the writers and artists who went there usually ordered mineral water and coffee and made them last for hours on end

In 1908, the British magazine John Bull ranked it “among the best hotels in the world”.

Casa Capșa

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